Garbage of the Mind

The average size of the brain is 3 pounds (A). As if that wasn’t interesting enough, the average person has 48.6 thoughts per minute. That’s some 70,000 thoughts a day all from this tiny organ we call the “mind”. (B) Thoughts come to us throughout the day for a variety of reasons. Most are random and come from observation or need such as “It looks like it may rain” or “I’m hungry”. Others come from experience and training such as “I hate homework” or “school is boring”.

You see, even though the brain is an organ, it acts like a muscle and a sponge and as such, it’s soaking up experiences all the time. The things we experience and the way we view the experience sets up the training gym for our brains. The final way thoughts come to us is a little tricky. These are thoughts based upon what you are feeding your mind or better yet, what you “dump” into it.

In this series, we’re going talk about the garbage of the mind. What exactly is garbage of the mind? It’s the “junk” that fills your mind and steals the joy out of life. It’s the “rotten thoughts” about yourself and others. It’s the negativity with which you view the world due to endless news cycles of negativity. It’s the attitude of envy that results from comparing yourself to the highlight reels of your peers on Instagram and Twitter. In the coming issues, you will learn more about each of these and more importantly, you will learn how to throw out the garbage and leave room for what matters!